Don’t Cry Foul when Google Updates Algorithms!

google algorithm

If your site has started performing badly after the recent releases of updated algorithms then don’t blame them. Chances are the mishaps are not due to the updates but your site has something going on with it.

In this article for SEO Vancouver, I’ll explain how to keep your site in check before and after a Google Algorithm update. I’ll also mention a couple of points which will help you in retaining your pre-update rankings.

Mobile Optimization:

Stats say that 35% of total search queries are now generated through mobile devices. Keep it in mind when you are performing SEO exercises for your website. If your site is not mobile optimized, you’ll be losing a lot of traffic which you could have been generating. The share of mobile searches are increasing day by day and after Google mobile friendly update, it is evident that even google is trying to give mobile optimized sites better ranking.

Is Your Google Analytics Properly Installed?

Before blaming anyone, re-check the analytics configurations in your site. “Not getting traffic” and “Not showing-up traffic” are two different things. If your analytical tools are not properly installed then you’ll not be able to keep the track of actual traffic that you are generating and will lose a lot in conversion ratio.

Never Forget to Utilize Data Science:

Data science is something which has taken the internet marketing in a whole new level. If you don’t have data, you have nothing. Historical data helps in predicting the market trend and helps in fortify your present situation. After properly analyzing the historical data of your site, you can actually build a list of pages according to their performance in past and present. After comparing the performance, you can easily figure out what needs to be changed in order to get the desired results.

Keep Yourself Updated With Techniques Other that SEO:

Since the market is changing, it is high time for the marketers to think outside the box to sell their product / services. SEO Vancouver has explained how important it is to keep creativity charged. This charged creativity can turn the table around and bring the ball in your court. Whenever google updates its algorithm, be sure that the update is going to be consumer centric. This approach of google should be welcome as we are moving forward to an open market. But, to survive in this environment where the consumer can directly talk about your brand, you’ll have to be extra careful.

Branded traffic is something you should focus on if the site is not generating as much traffic. It is always helpful to have some high quality banded traffic as it helps with the conversion.

Get Your SEO Basics Right:

Last but not the least, if the basics of your SEO are not right, the site is destined to ill perform. Having done on-page, off-page and every type of search engine optimization, it is necessary to keep updating the link juice. SEO is an on-going process. It is always helpful getting authority links. Target big and try to achieve big.

Along with these points, keep customer satisfaction as your primary objective. If you are providing what you are promising, there is nothing to worry about.