Understanding The Importance Of Local Search For SEO

Google has been constantly updating its search engine algorithms and the results have been catastrophic and market changing with a few notorious updates. With the new search update by Google named ‘possum’, one thing has become quite clear- the proximity of the user’s location as a metric is going to be tapped more and more aggressively.  Therefore it is no surprise that those service providers and businesses who have been tapping their location data and metrics more sincerely are being rewarded with better rankings. SEO Vancouver takes a look at what this means for the end users.

Suppose you are looking for a particular service in your area, and a very large corporation provides that service in your area. You could expect to see multiple entries from the same domain in the search results, and it was problematic to say the least for users who had been looking for alternative service providers. However, this has been taken care of post ‘Possum’ as users can expect to see more and more different service providers who have locations approximate to the user. Hence, the user gets a more comprehensive utility out of his search now, a win win for both the user and Google.

What Google has been trying to do is not something entirely new. This has been existing for a while. However what is new is how aggressively the results are being filtered for the user. If you want to dominate the results in this market, well you need to outperform your competitor by a considerable margin at least. This is going to put pressure on content as well as service providers to do better both with content as well as their offerings, argues the Best SEO company.

What This Means For You

Well, if we were to summarize in a nutshell, the competition is going to increase, and it is going to increase ferociously.  The search has been affected in a very subtle, yet very important way. The results are not being presented on the basis of dominance or clustering of providers any more, but rather than the utility for the user. This invariably means that the end user is going to gain the most as the results are more meaningful in respect to his location. The importance to the location of the searcher has become greater than ever before.

Gearing Up For The Changes

If you are a service provider for local searches or if your business depends upon local search engine traffic for business, the first and the foremost step is to check to see how much your search rankings have been affected. Irrespective of the fact on whether you have been affected or not, it is time that you took your location foot print seriously. You should make sure that all the data that can help your customers in making a decision are available to your customers, for example the space for parking. You also need to make sure that you are in good company of a SEO agency which can manage these hassles for you, according to SEO Vancouver.

Search,  the way we see and understand it, is ever going to change. Therefore it is very important that we stay in tune with these changes at every step if we want our business to succeed.